Whether a social gathering, a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate celebration, JB Productions Co. has the right catering options for your event. Our caterers have many years of experience and a variety of menus to help you make the perfect selection.


Passed hors d'oeuvres
Can work as a pre-dinner appetizer or sole service of the party. Keep in mind that waiting personnel would need to be hired; thus, increasing the cost.

Fixed hors d'oeuvres
Stationary to be available for a flowing crowd.

Keeps personnel cost down, and provides a variety of menu options to the guests.

Seated Meal
Select from individually served meals or a beautifully presented platter to serve each table.


Seated Meal
Perfect for weddings, galas, and events where a presentation will take place.

Standing Reception
Ideal for limited space and short event times where the main purpose is to mingle and networking.

Partial Seating
Suited for mixed ages and long event times.


Dry Bar
Tailored for the budget conscious and non-drinker. We offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks that will make your event fancy and budget-friendly.

Beer and Wine
Keeping the options down to beer and wine is cost-effective, and it helps expedite the bar service so that your guests have more time to enjoy the party vs. standing in line when a variety of drinks are offered.

Full Bar
Options please the guests. Specialty drinks can be included if discussed in advance.